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About us

The company "Zakład Ślusarski Sroka" was founded in 1995. It's a family business dealing with manufacturing and other services in the hardware industry, particularly in the area of blacksmithing. The products that we make distinguish itself withhigh quality and significant aesthetic features - they are not a mass production. Everything that we produce is based on our own unique design as well as on our client's projects in order to realize their expectations as best as we can. 

The company produces fences railings, balustrades, gates
, banisters and safety bars. We also conduct reconstruction works of old, antique, metal items. For example locksmith works, garden and house furniture, steel shelves for libraries etc. 

All the products are being painted with special chemical measures in order to protect them against rust. For special client's wish they can be also subjected to the process of zincing. In that way metal items will become resistant to weather conditions and will look like new for longer period of time. Moreover you won't have to waist your time and additional money for their maintenance.

Moving items - like gates can be provided with automatic pilot for remote control. Such well known and solution facilitates every day usage of sometimes very heavy metal elements. 

Every client in our company is treated exceptionally. Thanks to many years of experience we are able to advise the most appropriate selection of patterns and forms. We will install all competed products directly at your place. .

We hope that you will find our offer interesting and kindly invite to cooperation.
Franciszek Sroka